Pray it forward

How many times have you walked past a homeless man? How many times have you walked past a crying woman? Did you give them anything? Did you say anything to them? I’ve walked past so many of these broken people, and yes, I’ve never given them money or talked to them. I might’ve given them some food on occasions that I had some with me, but that’s all.

However, I gave something even more precious than cash — I gave them a small smile and a short prayer.

Plenty of times I’ve asked friends to say a short prayer for me or a loved one, and they’ve kindly done that for me. Apart from praying for them in return for the favour, you can pray it forward. There are so many people in need around you. Not only the victims of war-stricken areas and terrorist attacks, incurable sicknesses and dying people need your prayer. Just look around you — there is someone who needs your smile, someone who needs your prayer.

Praying forward is as simple as:

  1. praying for a man waiting in the rain without an umbrella for his tram or bus to finally arrive
  2. praying for an elderly to have a wonderful day
  3. praying for a colleague who rarely smiles to have something to smile about
  4. praying for a lady who’s clearly in a rush to get her order at KFC
  5. praying for a mother to be able to calm down her agitated child
  6. praying for a man who has a nasty cough
  7. praying for the tram driver to stay awake and alert during his/her night shift
  8. praying for a pedestrian who’s been patiently waiting to cross a busy road without zebra crossing or traffic lights
  9. praying for an aeroplane to have a safe and hassle-free trip
  10. praying for a neighbour’s clothes to dry on a chilly winter’s day

It won’t take you 30 seconds to say a prayer for these people. Plus, without being intrusive you’ve helped a stranger in your own little way. In a day, you can easily pray for 10 random people. It’s so easy. Oh and don’t think God is busy handling more important stuff. I’m sure our God is big enough to answer all our prayers, especially if it stems from the kindness of our hearts. Together, let’s pray it forward. 🙂

Please add more Pray-it-forward intentions you can think of in the comments box. Thanks! 😇


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