No Meat on Good Friday

Why can we only have fish? Why do we have to stay away from other forms of meat on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday? Why oh why?

I think it’s because fish is considered inexpensive in the olden times, therefore, less exceptional compared to other forms of meat such as pork, beef and chicken.

I’ve just browsed yesterday’s posts on Facebook and saw a lot of mouth-watering fish and seafood dishes. Allow me to ask the million dollar questions: Are we really meant to abstain from pork, beef and chicken, or are we supposed to deny ourselves of something extravagant that we truly like to be able to experience a minuscule level of Christ’s sufferings?

Before I get jeers, let me explain myself: I am not questioning the people who have joined the bandwagon of banning fish on Good Friday; I’m merely putting things in perspective. Truth be told, even I have a few questions about what I ate yesterday.

Yesterday, I had one small meal for the whole day. I had a banana, an egg and a can of tuna. Good girl! But, wait… Purists might question two things: First, I might’ve eaten too much by other people’s standards when I was required to fast. In my defense, I have an appetite of a beast. Those three aren’t enough to satiate me for lunch or dinner, let alone the whole day. My stomach can confirm that. Second, I had a boiled egg because I didn’t consider it to belong to the elite group of meat. I might just do without it next year.

My real issue is I like beef, pork and chicken, but I love fish and seafood. Big dilemma, eh? I want to commemorate Christ’s passion, but what can I eat? The sticklers to the rules will say that I should eat fish because that’s what the priests say. By doing so, I’m being a good, practising Catholic. I vehemently shake my head to this point of view. Eating fish brings a smile to my face. Whilst I was eating from a small can of tuna yesterday, I found myself smiling, and it wasn’t because it was my first solid intake; it was because I loved it! Yes, I am guilty as charged.

For the people who wanted to commemorate Christ’s death by having delectable big meals with fresh and well-cooked salmon, barramundi, crabs, prawns, calamari, mussels and lobster, I laud the intention, but sad to say, you fell short in the execution. Nevertheless, ignorance is bliss. Pray you don’t read my blog. However, if you do, I hope you’d put some effort into making the necessary adjustments next year.

I myself have to rethink my Good Friday menu. Maybe, I’ll just have 3 bananas next year. The monkey in me will be ecstatic, I’m sure.


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