Who to invite to your birthday party

Children really think and say the toot-est things. On an inspired day, words that come out of their mouths can be either clever, hilarious or offensive. You, however, cannot fault them for they’re just being honest. I’d say way too honest at times.

Take for example my 5-year-old student who was finalising his list of invitees for his birthday party. I called him over and asked who he wanted to partake in his special day. Here is an excerpt of the moving conversation between two 5-year-olds witnessed by Moo, the snoop teacher:

Moo: Who are you inviting to your party?
Dave: Uhm… Rick, Mike…
(Moo sees Mike.)
Moo: Mike, come here for a sec.
(Mike runs towards Dave and Moo.)
Moo: Dave is inviting you to his 5th birthday party.
Mike: Wow! Are you inviting Leo?
Dave: No, ’cause he’s still a baby.
(Now, Leo is only 3 years old.)
Mike: He’s not a baby.
Dave: He is!
Mike: He’s not!
Dave: He can’t even say “Happy Birthday”.

Awww! Such a major decision to make! This only proves that the gravity of friendship can be overlooked by one’s inability to say “Happy Birthday”. Makes sense to me.

In the interest of confidentiality and in the spirit of Christmas (huh?!), all the names in this recount have been changed.

Late post: 2010


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