I joined the rest of the world when I got myself a nice, small camera in June. I still love and intend to use my Nikon DSLR for big trips, but for bushwalks, numerous visits to the same place (but still hopeful to find something interesting to take a photo of), and other random trips, I now take with me my Sony Cybershot.

One of the reasons I picked the Sony Cybershot was its ability to take superb panoramic shots. I find it perfect because it doesn’t require too much effort on my end — meaning: I don’t need to keep my hand still as I move the camera from left to right, and stitching photos as I moved!

In my recent trip to Mt Tamborine I experimented and took a photo of a busy road. The photo is not in any way a reflection of my outstanding ability to use the camera’s panorama feature. Haha. At least now I know (and you know!) what will happen if I take another panoramic shot of a moving subject.


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